Rulebook Promofitgames X
( 10ª Edition )

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A. It is a competition that occurs side-by-side with the Promofitness Conventions

B. In this edition there will exist the following groups:

i. Individual Male;

ii. Individual Female;

ii. Master Male;

iv. Master Female;

v. Mixed Teams (Male and Female);

C. The competition will occur in two distinct Fases:

i. Qualification;

ii. Finals.


A. Male/Female Individual:

i. Minimum age: 18 years old (on the Finals date);

ii. Minimum athletes per group: 60/35.

iii. Athletes passing to the finals per group: 50/30;

B. Master Male/Female

i. Minimum athletes per group: 25/12.
ii. Athletes passing to the finals per group: 20/10;

C. Mixed Teams:

i. Minimum age: 18 years old (on the Finals date);
ii. Minimum athletes per group: 4 (2 athletes male + 2 athletes female);
iii. Maximum athletes per group: 6 (3 athletes male + 3 athletes female);
iv. Minimum teams: 30.
v. Number of teams passing to the Finals: 20.

Note: The athletes can change their registration to another Age group in case of his/her Group don´t have the sufficient number of athletes.


  1. Qualification: three qualification challenges in two weeks: from March 1st to March 15th of 2017;
  2. Finals: April 8th and 9th (Saturday and Sunday) – Center of Sports and Congress – Matosinhos (Oporto); schedule to be designated soon.


A. The registration fee is:

a) Deadline: February 28th 2017.
b) 20€ per athlete if the payment is for team competition or individual competition;
c) There is no refund of the registration fee.

B. The registration must be done through the Promofit Games website, with the following information:

i. Full name;
ii. Birth Date;
iii. Competition group (in case the athlete goes on a Team, the Team’s name is necessary);
iv. Payment proof.
v. Email and contacts


A. 50 best Individual Male athletes will be qualified to the Final;
B. 30 best Individual Female athletes will be qualified to the Final;
C. 20 best Individual Master Male athletes will be qualified to the Final;
D. 10 best Individual Master Female athletes will be qualified to the Final
E. 20 best Teams will be qualified to the Final.

  • During the Qualification the team should submit only one video with 4 athletes (2 male + 2 female) for it to be valid.


Equipment not allowed:

i. Wrist Straps;
ii. Strength Suit/Shirt (Powerlifting);
iii. Knees Wraps (Powerlifting).
iv. All accessories whose goal is to provide competitive advantage in the execution of movements and not only the safety of the athlete.
v. All fittings not mentioned offering doubts should be authorized by the organization.


A. Every Qualification challenge will be presented on Wednesday March 1st after 12:00.

B. Each athlete/team should submit all the videos on-line link and the challenge’s result until 23:59 of Wednesday March 15th through the platform on the website;

C. The athlete can be assessed through the challenge of sending video or rated by coach CF-L1 (The coach’s name should appear as the name displayed on the CrossFit coaches directory).

D. The video link must contain the following information:

i. Athlete’s First and Last Name or name of the team;
ii. Challenge’s Number;
iii. Example of challenge 1: JohnDoe _Challenge1.

E. The video should be placed as “unlisted” so that it is not accessible to search on youtube;

F. The results reported by CF-L1 will be posted as definitive and inspected randomly. In these cases it is always mandatory the publication of the video for resolving complaints. Sending results without the publication of the video will be considered nulled.

G. If it is requested proof video to an athlete and does not send it, or it has not been published within the valid period for the respective challenge validation, it will be subject to the cancellation of the submitted results.

H. The results are published provisionally from 12:00 of Tuesday March 22nd 2016 and definitively until 48 hours after Thursday March 24th 2016


  • In the Finals of the event, each athlete will be judged by at least one judge appointed by the organization.
  • The result of a challenge by the judge will be delivered to the secretariat for further validation; the judge’s decision is final and should be respected by all athletes.
  • It is the athlete’s responsibility to confirm the result at the end of the challenge and sign the challenge sheet. To decline this right, the Head Judge will assume this role.
  • The posted ratings are provisional and likely to be corrected.


This point refers only to changes made in the teams competition.

A. Team Description:

o Minimum number of Athletes: 4 (2 Men + 2 Women);
o Maximum number of Athletes: 6 (3 Male + 3 Female);
o Teams with 5 elements are permitted, provided that are at least 2 male and 2 female elements.
o The exchange of athletes will not be allowed after the start of the competition (qualification phase)

B. Qualification:

o There will be qualified for the Final Round the 20 best teams;
o In the Qualification Round each team will hold three challenges;
o The challenges in the Qualification Round will be different from individual challenges;
o The challenges in the Qualification Round imply that the team submits a single video, the provision of 4 elements (2 male + 2 female) Team;
o The challenges may be messenger style or may involve the participation of the four elements simultaneously. Regardless of the style challenge, the four elements should be visible in the video;
o In teams that have more than four athletes, only four athletes should be selected to achieve the challenges.

C. Final Fase

o In each challenge, the team can only submit 4 athletes;
o For teams that have more than four athletes, athletes can be replaced between WODS;
o In the situation of a WOD consisting of more than one challenge, the team cannot replace athletes.


A. Qualification:

i. The submission of proof video by each athlete or team is mandatory, through the respective platform in the official competition of the outcome of the challenge and respective video link site for later viewing and validation by the organization;
ii. The organization reserves the right of changing the result of an athlete or team if confirmation that the result submitted doesn’t correspond to the real performance of the athlete.

B. Final:

i. In the Final of Promofit Games VIII, each athlete/team will be judged by at least one judge;
ii. The result of any challenge will be delivered by the respective judge to posterior validation of the staff members; the decision of the judge is unquestionable and should be respected by all athletes/teams.


A. Qualification: after the leaderboard is released, the athlete can submit a protest, through the official email of the competition, about the final result of his/her own performance in the next 24 hours.

B. Final: in case the athlete does not agree with the result, he/she can make a protest to the staff exposing the problem. It will cost a 25€ fee to make the protest and in case the athlete protest is correct the fee is returned.


A. Qualification: a league table during the Qualification Round will be divided according to the existing levels, challenges undertaken and the overall rating.

B. Finals: the league table during the Final Fase will be divided according to the existing levels, challenges undertaken and the overall rating. The rating of the challenge will be published as soon as possible after the completion of each challenge. After performing a challenge, the athlete / team must confirm the result through a signature in the test report.

b1. Cut-Off: there will be cuts in the leaderboards.


Individual Male:

1st place: € 500
2nd Place: € 200
3rd Place: € 100

Individual Female:

1st place: € 500
2nd Place: € 200
3rd Place: € 100

Master Male:

1st place: € 200

Master Female:

1st place: € 200


1st place: € 400
2nd Place: € 200
3rd Place: € 100

The winners will also receive a medal of recognition on the 10th edition of Promofit Games.
The payment of the monetary awards implies the delivery of a tax document by the respective winner, as an Isolated Act or Green Receipt and is subject to the payment of the taxes in force.


A. Every athlete must perform the Qualification Fase;

B. There are five Wildcards and the organization reserves the right to deliver to whom considers appropriate;

C. The organization reserves the right to change the schedule of the challenges for majeure force reasons;

D. Every athlete must register until the limit dates;

E. In case of qualification to the Final Fase, the athlete must confirm the participation when requested by the organization;

F. On the two days of the Finals, all athletes must attend the secretariat to confirm its presence in the race;

H. In every Final challenge, the athlete will be called to the Warm Up area; in case of not being present, the athlete will not be able to compete;

I. Bad behavior (insults and/or aggression to another athlete, judge or any member of staff) will lead to disqualification of the athlete;

J. Wearing gear that is not allowed will lead to the disqualification of the athlete;

K. Every athlete must show a good sport conduct, fulfilling with all rules and movement standards of the challenges and show respect for all members of staff and athletes.