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Athlete Testimonials

  • I have always participated in Promofit Games as part of the Crossfit Team OPO White Team. Crossfit does not fill my professional life, but dictates my lifestyle. As such, I remember the Promofit Games as a phase of fun, entre-help, great community spirit and great physical challenges. And I’ll just say one thing: Until next time.

    Eduardo Santiago
  • Best event in Portugal, it was the first time I competed for teams and I loved it !! wod well cooked and fantastic …

    Filipe dos Santos
  • I participated in all the events Promofit Games, is for me the proof of excellence of the modality in Portugal.
    Always at the highest level, with the best athletes and the best organization.

    Fabrício Lages
  • The competition with the highest projection in Portugal, where the best athletes of the sport stand out, right from the qualifying stage.
    Healthy competitive environment, where judges and adversaries are respected.
    Opportunity for excellence in establishing contacts with sponsors and coaches.

    Ivo Cardoso
  • The Promofit Games, were the pioneers and are the reference in organizing evidence in Portugal. For me the Promofit are a regular presence in my competitive calendar, for competitiveness, for organization and above all for the spirit they create among the public, volunteers and athletes.

    Telmo Santos
  • It was the first Crossfit / crosstraining competition in which I participated which means that it was the competition that we keep forever in our memory. Although wods are very challenging, it only leads us to want to train more, be better every year and belong to this community. Excellent proof, excellent organization! “

    Patrícia Dinis
  • As an Athlete the Promofit allowed me to redefine my boundaries and realize that I am capable of doing more than what I believed to be capable. In addition, the attempt to qualify as a team brought people closer to the box, being directly and indirectly associated with the qualification. So the Promofit have an important role of team building, affirming the true sense of crossfit community, inter and intra box. “

    Jorge Barbosa


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