What are the PromofitGames?

It’s a sports event open to any athlete over 18 years old, where everyone will put their physical capabilities to the test through a series of physical challenges based on specific moves from Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Endurance Sports, StrongMan and Powerlifting mixed in different combinations and with different performance times.

What’s the format of the event?

PromofitGames have 2 stages:

1st Stage: 3 online challenges will determine the best athletes and teams for the finals.
2nd Stage, or Final Stage, will be held in 2 consecutive days.

May I participate?

Participation is open to all persons over the age of 16 (at the time of the finals). Athletes with a date below the age of 18 up to a minimum of 16 years, have to deliver a written authorization from the attendant.

How can I register?

Simply visit www.promofitgames.com and enroll by clicking on the “Registration” button.

What’s the 1st Phase?

In the Qualification Phase, the athletes perform 3 challenges, individually, that will define the order of qualification for the final phase of the competition.

How is my score assessed?

Each athlete must individually submit the links of the videos and / or results of the wods, at the defined date, through the platform at

How can I check my score?

The classification related to the challenge and the provisional provisional classification will be published online. To view just go to www.promofitgames.com.

Can I compete at all levels?

Each athlete can only compete in one competition

Is there a maximum number of team members for the team division?

Yes, there are a maximum of 6 athletes and a minimum of 4 athletes.

Are the team’s workouts the same as the other divisions?

Yes, they are the same. There is only individual qualification.