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What are the Promofit Games?

The Promofit Games and Promofitness Conventions are held alongside. This is a sporting event with a competitive nature, in order to promote Crosstraining methodology which prepares the athlete for the unexpected, for any challenge that may arise. In the Promofit Games all details only become available right before each event, making the competition a real mystery.















João Garcia

As an athlete and practitioner of the sport, this is undoubtedly the reference competition in Portugal, the organization, the number and quality of athletes who can join. Every year is a surprise and a joy to meet and meet new athletes. Thanks for the accomplished work to date

Diana Santos

For me, the Promofit Games represent the beginning and, therefore, is a competition that I always keep with great affection and I would be happy to participate! The tests have been increasingly grandiose in terms of space, material, number of athletes, which has become the most spectacular not only for the public as for all participants!

Ricardo Pereira

Uma referência no calendário de competições de CrossFit em Portugal. Os Promofit Games são a competição obrigatória a participar!

João Real

It is the competition that gives me more pleasure to participate, I will always endeavor to keep my presence since 1st edition

Telmo Loureiro

The Promofit continue to be the benchmark in the sport in Portugal, the ability to search for more and better spaces, more and better athletes and now with new features for the competition team! I'm anxious to see!

Ana Caldas

After 2 years of Crossfit in Brazil and USA, the Promofit nos EUA e Brasil os Promofit Games were my first experience in Portugal. Uncertain of what to expect, I was surpised by a fantastic organization, well planned challenges and a warm welcome by the Portuguese community. It’s a shame I won’t be able to defend my title on the next edition for being in Australia, I will, undoubtedly return for a future edition!

Bruno Militão

Where there’s a will, there’s a way…You can always do more than you think you’re capable of! It’s more than a competition, it’s a meeting of our community, where we gather to test our capacities and break our limits. The April edtion of Promofit 2013 was overall better than the previous edition, however there are a few major detils to improve, such as the rankins and the jury. Dispite that, and taking into consideration the limitations the event has, it’s a event of reference for everyone and one that we all wish to take part of!

Bruno Mota

The Promofit Games represent for me the most important Crosstraining national competition. It is a pleasure to have been present in several editions and have achieved a podium by teams. It is the competition that is worth seeing and track.

Miguel Seabra

Promofit Games, more than a physical test is a test of the ability to overcome the athletes, an extra motivation for those who are in and out of "field", a good reason to spend a weekend and last week in community and above all a strengthening of ties between friends!

Pedro Borges

Promofit Games undoubtedly the driving test and Crosstrainning reference in Portugal.É a mandatory test for all lovers of the sport and that needs no introduction! As Master Athlete is proud be able to experience the competitive level and progress of the entire organization!

Maria Spratley

In IV Promofit Games I sweated, suffered, struggled, crawled, squatted, jumped, cried, but I realized that to be TEAM are all a critical piece of the puzzle. Our spirit team in the competition can not describe, but it was the union that led us to win

Mateus Costa

No doubt it is for me the queen competition in Portugal. For various reasons: For the opportunity; The growth that gave mode; The evolution editing editing; Etc .. And just ... Because it was my first competition of crossfit. There have been a few times to climb on the podium by teams ... And all these moments are recorded.